Roman is incredible! I have known Roman for many years and have worked with him at both at SADA and Core BTS. What I love about Roman is his passion for people, whether it was his direct reports, his customers or his partners he works hard to help enable them to be successful. Roman goes above and beyond for his people, and approaches business from a relationship perspective versus a transactional one. Roman has also contributed to my success at Microsoft by helping me to increase my impact through our collaboration on projects together and helping to grow my own skills. I admire Roman's hunger for learning, and his willingness to have a "learn it all" approach to not only work but life (vs a "know it all") as he approaches every situation with "what can I learn from this". On the Microsoft side, Roman understands what it means to be called a Microsoft Partner and deeply understands the technology, the platform, the programs and has key relationships with stakeholders at Microsoft. Leave it to Roman, he can get the job done with Microsoft! What's impressive is his impact to the Microsoft business at each of the Microsoft partners he has held leadership positions at - that is no small feat and a huge accomplishment that deserves recognition. At the end of the day, It can be difficult for for someone to earn your trust, but I trust Roman and absolutely recommend him!
Matt Soseman
Cyber Security, Microsoft
I had the pleasure of working with Roman from 2012-2018 during his time at SADA Systems and Core BTS and couldn't think of a smarter, more trustworthy person to help a customer build a successful cloud strategy. Roman brings a thoughtful, creative, and strategic approach to customer engagements. As a matter of fact, on several occasions, Roman was engaged to help Microsoft figure out how to solve challenging problems with our cloud services. Roman is never afraid to roll up his sleeves to get something done and "not my job" is not part of his vocabulary. If you're looking to work with a strategic, honest, and thoughtful visionary then Roman is your guy!
Matt Berg
Modern Work + Surface Leader, Microsoft
During our time working together, I have been continually impressed by Roman’s outstanding work ethic, commitment to excellence, and unwavering dedication to achieving results. Roman is a true rock star in the workplace, consistently going above and beyond in every task and project they undertake. He’s talented problem-solver, able to think critically and creatively to overcome even the toughest challenges. His ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritize effectively has been instrumental in the success of our team. What truly sets Roman apart, however, is his outstanding interpersonal skills. He’s an exceptional team player, always willing to collaborate with others and offer support wherever needed. His positive attitude and upbeat personality make him a pleasure to work with, and he has a natural ability to motivate and inspire those around him. Overall, I cannot recommend Roman highly enough. He’s an asset to any team or organization, and I have no doubt that he will continue to excel in their future endeavors. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.
Hovig Safoian
Founder and Chairman, SADA
What can I say!? Roman is cool and calm under pressure. He brings a steady, reassuring, and professional presence to every project I have had the pleasure of working with him on. Roman is a true leader who inspires trust and loyalty from both clients and employees.
Scott Eastin
Founder and CEO, Eastin IT Security
How do I love Roman? Let me count the ways... - He is a consummate and powerful leader. - He knows the products inside and out. - He's literally the last one to leave at the end of the day. - He bends over backwards for his customers, and he drops everything for his people. - He has vision that recognizes where opportunities try to hide. When I first started at SADA, people were insanely busy, but Roman stopped what he was doing and showed me what I needed to do. When I started managing a practice, Roman sat down with me and laid out a plan to go to market. When we were acquired, Roman helped me see the benefits to share with my team. And although our paths took us in separate directions, whenever they crossed again Roman wore a grin from ear to ear. Roman is more than just a man or a title. He is a force for good in the world. One that you want on your team, at your side, and helping you along the way.
Jason Price
Managing Partner, Seer Strategic Solutions
Roman is a tremendously talented, smart, and caring individual. He successfully led and championed many complex implementations during our time together. He is a great leader and always considers his team's well being. Roman is reliable, thorough, and an expert at staying on top of new technologies and always proposes functional and feasible solutions to his clients. He is also great at anticipating risks before they escalate into bigger issues. I really enjoyed working with Roman and learned a lot from him during our time at SADA and Core BTS. I highly recommend him as a terrific resource for any engagement that requires detailed management and strong leadership.
Talin Petrosian
Developing Manager

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