About us

Ravanty Tech Consulting is an Information Technology consulting and delivery-oriented organization, helping Small, Medium & Corporate (SMC) market with their Microsoft Cloud needs. We emphasize cloud consulting and delivery services to help in your cloud transformation journey.

We specialize in Microsoft 365’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform – Modern Work, providing consulting and implementation services to different industry verticals. 

In addition to deploying Microsoft 365 services, we work in close partnership with our allies to provide world-class Adoption and Change Management services, which helps ensure highest success rate in technology implementations when it comes to end-user success and employee adoption within the organization.


To help organizations become more modern, efficient, and secure.


We are dedicated to leveraging emerging cloud technologies to provide the highest level of quality services, allowing organizations to do more with the power of cloud!


We are driven by business-centric scenarios to innovate and help people to do their jobs better.

OUR approach

Break it down and prioritize! While we take holistic approach to our implementations, we will help you understand and prioritize the most critical items in your project before moving forward. We will lead the way!

01 establish objectives

Identifying business objectives will help you better understand the benefits for your business and how cloud transformation will help you become more efficient and focus on what matters the most.

02 identify dependencies

We will help you identify any obstacles, risks, and dependencies early on so to avoid any surprises later in the project. Our proven approach around due diligence will save you from future headaches.

03 align technology

Once we are clear on your objectives, vision, and dependencies we will be able to align technology with your business objectives. Our flexible cloud solutions will meet the needs of any organization.

04 Seize Your Moment

Apply our implementation framework to get on the innovative cloud-based services and take your business to the next level. Our packaged approach will cover most of the cloud transformation needs you have and provide additional flexibility for ongoing services.

our promise

Our experience has proven that the only thing constant is change! Being in such dynamic and everchanging industry vertical we are committed to be nimble and responsive, and to provide you with what you want, when you want it to ensure success in your cloud transformation journey. We intend to achieve this through solutions approach that are client-centric, and in which the client’s business objectives are top priority. We want to make sure that our clients have what they need to run their businesses with maximum efficiency and reliability, while realizing their technology ROI in a timely manner.

our founders

Yesai Tchouldjian

    Yesai Tchouldjian

    Co-founder, Technical Lead

    our core values

    We never betray our principles and core values!

    what otherS say

    Every day we take pride in bringing out the best in people and business technology! We understand that Information Technology arena is empowered by great individuals that represent our organization, our partners, and our clients. Anything we create and do is geared towards continuous betterment of this very important and multidisciplinary foundation. Read more on what others say about us.    

    Reliable Direction

    We lead by bringing together widely accepted Microsoft playbook, industry vertical specifics, real life observations, and lessons learned! Explore our services further.