Leveraging the vast array of the Microsoft Entra family of products, Ravanty will help you bring back identity control in your hands! We will help you solve business problems organizations face today when it comes to corporate identities. We approach Identity and Access Management based on business use cases, while applying ZeroTrust and least privileged access principles powered by Microsoft Identity capabilities.

Microsoft Identity

business use cases

Identifying business use cases for Identity and Access Management will help you understand all options and ways you might implement the services to control the access that your users have. Examples of business use cases are presented here.

Protect Access to Applications

Identifying business use cases to help you better understand how to safeguard your organization by protecting access to every application and resource for every user. Addressing common issues around users accessing different enterprise applications you own, what happens when a user leaves the organization, and centralization of user onboarding and offboarding controls.

Secure and verify every identity

We will help you effectively secure every identity including employees, customers, partners, apps, devices, and workloads across your environment. Common issues that are addressed in this category including but not limited to collaboration with external organizations and request access to corporate resources. 

Provide only the access necessary

Our assessment will help you discover and apply necessary and applicable permissions, and help you manage your access lifecycles. One of the important aspects in providing necessary access is to control your administrators with JIT, and apply scenarios around adaptive multi-factor authentication to your user population. Ensuring the least privileged access for any identity is at the core of this, while simplifying user sign-in experience.


Mechanisms to Alert and Monitor

While applying security measures will ensure you are protected and efficient in secure productivity across user population. We will also ensure that you have ways of tracking user sign-in activity and detecting a possible user compromise. Additionally, the automation around restricting access based on user and scenario risk level will be the key in achieving this. 

value proposition

Here are some top of mind objectives to think about in your Identity Modernization journey

make the most of what you already own

Consolidate your application authentication

control access and detect risk

eliminate on premise footprint

modernize your identity security to do more with less

extend advanced capabilities to non-human identities

simplify the access

increase user productivity

Seize Your Moment

We are here to help you make the most of your Identity and Access Management solution!