Our M&A framework is built to help organizations with their transformation during a Microsoft 365 acquisition, merger or divestiture. We apply our proven methodology and implementation framework to drive success for your initiative.

Microsoft 365 Acquisition


Complete migration and consolidation of merging companies, acquisition of purchased company into existing company’s environment or  divestiture from parent company to a new separate environment.

What is included

  • Discovery of impacted environments including existing Microsoft 365 instances and/or on-premises environments (as applicable) and any other hosted environments
  • Infrastructure needs and requirements
  • Considerations around multi-site and segregations in the environment
  • Roles and resource requirements in all impacted environments
  • Policy consolidation needs
  • Security and compliance policies
  • Change control processes
  • Permissions and access control
  • Cross-environmental synchronization requirements
  • Application dependencies
  • Adoption and Change management
  • Message hygiene and security configuration changes
  • Endpoint protection
  • Remote access requirements
  • Identity-driven security considerations including Multi-factor authentication
  • Password policies considerations for domain credentials
  • DLP and retention policy considerations
  • Encryption requirements
  • HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulatory requirements

Note: License considerations apply

Why this offering

  • End to end discovery and implementation
  • Identification of obstacles and risks 
  • Accelerated planning and design
  • Streamlined migration by the Ravanty team
  • Our approach designed to reduce time and eliminate delays
  • Cost efficiency and timely ROI powered by world-class Adoption and Change Management

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