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We created robust mechanisms and implementation frameworks based on years of experience! Ravanty professional services mantra is to consolidate, integrate, and simplify when possible. We create streamlined delivery methodologies and offerings to achieve this, while accounting for most critical business issues. 


Our programs provide holistic approach around Office 365 and Microsoft 365 suite to bring the power of secure productivity across Identity, Devices, Apps and Data


We understand that every organization is different in their culture, style, and technology approach, that is why all our offerings are built with flexibility in mind


Journey to Cloud should not be taking forever. Our programs are designed to accomplish your objectives within reasonable timeframe, providing you timely realization of benefits in your investments


Regain control over your identities and do more with less!

It always starts with the first user! That is why it is so important to protect your users and assume breach at all times while applying a proven, automated, and efficient  security model. Every access request needs to be fully authenticated, authorized, and encrypted before granting access to your sensitive corporate assets. More importantly, in the new era of hybrid work, connected devices, and the need for numerous applications for users to perform their duties create multiple threat vectors for possible compromise that may cost you millions of dollars to recover from.      

Learn more how Ravanty’s IdentityZero™ approach and Microsoft Entra can help you secure your environment

mICROSOFT 365 offerings

Explore different Microsoft 365 offerings based on your needs


Discovery and planning of Microsoft 365 transformation and/or Microsoft 365 security posture enhancements


End-to-end secure and compliant Microsoft 365 transformation with enhanced collaboration and advanced security


Implementation of Security across Microsoft 365 layers, addressing Identity, Devices, Apps and Data requirements


Assess, strategize, and implement your merger, acquisition, or divestiture technology objectives with our transformation services


Migrate from ADFS to Azure AD, integrate your SaaS applications, and streamline your Identity and Access Management processes

M365 Security Workshop

Learn the value proposition of Microsoft Identity solution and achieve your business security objectives


Get ready for tomorrow with the power of Microsoft 365 Secure Productivity by leveraging Copilot’s AI and automation capabilities


modern work


Identity & cyber


supporting successful adoption

mitigating people-side risk

As we fully understand the importance of delivering ideal user experiences, we partnered with Seer Strategic Solutions to improve customer experience throughout the implementation journey as well as to provide higher retention with embedded customer success methods and ongoing opportunities. Seer brings the expertise of Adoption consulting, customized training and communications, performance management, project management, and employee experience.

  1. Technology Roadmap
  2. Digital Knowledge Management
  3. Leadership Development & Succession
  4. Project Management Optimization
  5. Workplace Analytics
  6. Adoption Planning
  7. Champions Network
  8. Blended Training
  9. Custom Videos & Communications
  10. Performance Management
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Ravanty Professional Services

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Experts with over 15 years of experience in cloud ecosystem.

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It is our mission to continue to be dedicated and leverage emerging cloud technologies to provide the highest level of quality services, allowing organizations to do more with the help of Microsoft cloud! Learn more below how we do it.