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Helping clients with their cloud journey since the inception of Microsoft Cloud services in 2008. 

Microsoft Cloud Services

At the forefront of digital transformation, we redefine Modern Work. Our expertise extends across various industry verticals, delivering not only top-tier consulting and implementation services in Microsoft 365 realm, but also integrating the robust Microsoft 365 Security features.

Beyond mere deployment, we forge strong partnerships with industry leaders to offer unparalleled Adoption and Change Management services. This approach doesn't just facilitate technology implementation; it revolutionizes it by ensuring the highest success rates. We focus intensely on end-user success and employee adoption within your organization, integrating advanced security measures to safeguard your digital workspace. With us, you're not just adopting technology; you're embracing a secure, innovative, and user-centric digital transformation that positions your business at the vanguard of your industry.

Microsoft Cloud Services
Guide to the Cloud

Your Guide for Your Cloud Transformation Journey

At Ravanty, we are dedicated to providing IT consulting and delivery services. Our main focus is assisting the Small, Medium & Corporate (SMC) market with their Microsoft Cloud requirements. With a strong emphasis on cloud consulting and delivery, we are here to guide you on your cloud transformation journey.

What Drives Us

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To help organizations become more modern, efficient, and secure.
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We are dedicated to leveraging emerging Microsoft cloud technologies to provide the highest level of quality services, allowing organizations to do more with the power of Microsoft cloud!
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We are driven by business-centric scenarios to innovate and help people to do their jobs better.

Our Approach

Our Approach



We Take Accountability

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We Are Committed

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We Build Integrity & Trust

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We Show True Humility

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We Promote Collaboration

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We Support Innovation

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We Look Ahead

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We Do The Right Thing


Work With Us

Join the Ravanty family, where we embrace a vibrant community of forward-thinking individuals ready to take on the most formidable obstacles with innovation and determination.

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Meet The Founders

Roman Avanesyan_

Roman Avanesyan
Founder & CEO

Yesai Tchouldjian

Yesai Tchouldjian
Co-Founder & CTO


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Achieving Success with Microsoft 365

Modern work isn’t just about technology; it’s about people, connections, and shared visions. In a world where remote collaboration has become the norm, businesses need tools that are more than just functional. They should feel like an extension of ourselves. That’s where Microsoft 365 steps in, not as a mere tool but as a partner in your organization’s journey.