Roadmap, Strategy, and Implementation for Acquisition of 1500+ User Organization

Discover how Ravanty successfully integrated a recently acquired dental services provider into a unified Microsoft 365 platform, ensuring seamless transitions and enhanced efficiency.

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A dental services provider based in the United States, following its recent acquisition of another company, faced the imperative task of securely integrating both organizations into a unified Microsoft 365 platform, encompassing email and collaboration functionalities. The primary objectives of this initiative included the validation of Identity and Access Management using Microsoft’s Entra ID, the transition of Messaging and Collaboration workloads across Microsoft 365 tenants, the provision of thorough Adoption and Change Management services, and the offering of post migration support .

Key Considerations

A key consideration with the project was to establish a robust migration strategy to transition from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another. Since the migration involved multiple workloads, Ravanty provided a proven process leveraging third party migration tools, while providing best practices and lessons learned from previous implementations to reduce the risk of impacting end-user population.


  • Identifying all active objects (users/groups) vs. inactive ones and helping the business consolidate everything into one tenant. The company did not have a set process and didn’t know which objects were active/inactive.
  • Collaborating between the parent and acquired company. The parent company culture was different and fortunately, identified resources were able to bridge the gap in communication between the companies, ensuring the ultimate success of this transition.
  • Handling the process of combining the shared mailboxes. Creation of custom Distribution Lists during migration


While executing a Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant migration, our team embarked on a comprehensive analysis of both environments. This initial phase involved a thorough validation of the existing infrastructures, setting the foundation for a well-structured transition plan. Our methodology, characterized by a holistic approach, encompassed key environmental components such as Identity and Access Management, Messaging, Collaboration, Security & Governance, Mobility, and Adoption & Change Management.

Ravanty adeptly navigated through an elaborate Merger & Acquisitions implementation framework, including stages of discovery, architecture design, pilot testing, and full-scale implementation, thereby ensuring the success of the complete acquisition process. Utilizing tools like BitTitan’s MigrationWiz, and ShareGate, Ravanty facilitated a seamless migration experience for the Company, while adhering to critical timelines.

The client expressed considerable satisfaction with the project's outcome, highlighting the timely completion of the migration with minimal disruption to the end-user base. The triumph of this project was fundamentally attributed to the meticulous preparation and execution strategies employed.

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